Stop to oversexualizing breasts

It is often said that equality between men and women is achieved. But how is it that, even today, a man can stroll bare-chested without any problem, whereas a woman will be automatically judged? Even though some places allow men to walk around topless in public, but for a woman it is still illegal.

In order to promote equality and freedom for both men and women to be shirtless, I created this mosaic. And it’s free for anyone who wants to use it to promote equality.

In order to increase the chances that many people see it, you are invited to “pay” by sharing. So you can simply press the button, at the bottom, to “pay with a share”. You can then download the image for free.

Thanks for your support!

Here is the censured image:

The uncensored version will be given to you when you click.

Pay With A Share

And if you want to do a little bit more for the cause, you can buy the Facebook header to and show your support in a more vocal way: only 1$ here.