10 things not to say to a new parent

10 things not to say to a new parent

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When you have a baby, you realize pretty quickly that everyone has advice or questions for you. I will allow myself, this time, to give 10 tips. Although, mine are for those who do not have a baby or have had a baby a long time ago…

Here are the 10 things not to say to a new parent

1 – Coffee is not healthy

CoffeeWhen you spend several weeks not sleeping because you have one or more babies crying and you still have to work and take care of the rest (babies included), then you will have the right to criticize my consumption of coffee. In the meantime, if you still want to see me smile, you have to accept my excessive consumption.

2 – I’m so tired, I went out yesterday

I have not been out for weeks and I am completely drained, exhausted and dead. So…

3 – But my dog does…

I have nothing against your dog, your cat, your rat or any other animal that is not a human. But stop comparing it to my baby. Because it’s me who may end up biting you!

4 – Me, my child was doing…

Well, good for you! Mine, he develops at its own pace and I do not intend to piss you with all these things he will do before yours. So, please, I’m already spending enough time wondering if my baby is evolving well, I do not need to add all the things others have done faster than him.

5 – You should do… it would be a lot better

Here we come back to the base. If I do not ask for your opinion, do not tell me how to raise my child or children. You have the right to your opinions. You can have your ways. They may be very good. Maybe even better than mine. But I also have my ways and my own values. So thank you, but no thanks!

6 – You know, according to experts…

Yes, I know. I, too, have read tons of books, magazines and articles on the subject. And you know what I learned with all this? The theory is a beautiful thing. But reality, sometimes, has nothing to do with theory.

Tired men7 – You know, the lack of sleep does not really bother me

Good for you! We’ll talk about it when you have two babies.

8 – Let him cry, you’ll make him capricious

Crying baby

Is this really what you want?

You know, according to experts… 😉

Here we go back to point 5. My values and my way of doing things. If you want to let yours cry, let him cry. Me, I prefer to take care of my boys (in my case) by not letting them scream for 1 hour. Yeah, I’m like that. And my wife too!

9 – In my days, we were doing…

Yeah, and nowadays we do it like this!

10 – He does not have a pacifier?

No! Ruled. We move on to the next question…

But you know what? I still love you all. ☺


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